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DL Cocoa Bean Roaster

Temperature controlled, electric batch convection roaster with revolving bean basket.

  • Stainless steel raw bean manual cleaning/sorting screen

  • Stainless steel bean sample cup

  • Stainless steel bean cart on NSF casters to cool discharged roasted
    beans; lift-out stainless screen tray; cooling rake; air manifold with cooling fan (120V, 1 ph, 14 amps / 220V, 1 ph, 7 amps)

Capacity: 15 kgs/30 lbs per batch (allow 45 minutes to 1+ hour for cycle, depending on bean/roast)

Footprint: 38 in. x 30 in.

Electrical: 230 V, 1 ph, 25 amps

Ventilation: Per local code

Materials of Construction: Stainless steel. Floor mounted on stainless steel frame with NSF casters.


  • Digital readout of bean bed temperature

  • Safety timer to shut off heater

DL Winnower

Manually fed cocoa bean winnower for raw or roasted cocoa beans. Efficient and clean nib production.

  • Adjustable, variable speed bean breaker

  • Stationary product screen for oversize pieces

  • Two vibratory product screens

  • Fines pan

  • Vacuum system for shell debris

Capacity: 15 kgs/30 lbs of roasted beans per hour

Footprint: 48 x 48

Electrical: 120 V, 1 ph, 15 amps / 240 V, 1 ph, 15 amps

Materials of Construction: Stainless steel breaker, product screens, and discharge chute. Vibrators are powder coated FDA white.


DL Nib Grinder

A manually fed impact mill for processing cocoa nib into coarse liquor in a three-stage grinding process.

  • Three interchangeable grinding screens

  • Hardened grinding screens and impact hammers

  • Control panel on separate stand

  • Variable speed drive

  • Emergency Stop

  • Guarded product infeed for safety

Capacity: Approximately 15kgs/30lbs per hour of winnowed nib through all 3 screens, depending on bean characteristics (finished liquor +/- 100 microns average)

Footprint: 36 in. x 36 in. (includes area for control panel)

Electrical: 230 V, 1 ph, 10 amps
Materials of Construction: Stainless steel


DL Chocolate Maker

Temperature controlled, stirred ball mill with product recirculation screw pump and temperature controlled product air blower.

  • Variable speed agitator

  • Removable grinding media (mixture of 1/4" and 3/8" diameter hardened steel balls)

  • Control panel with on/off control and digital temperature readouts

  • Magnetic trap in discharge valve

  • Vacuum system to discharge chocolate from unit

  • Emergency stop

Capacity: CM-10 Chocolate Maker - 10 kgs/25 lbs per batch, CM-25 Chocolate Maker - 25 kgs/50 lbs per batch (assuming charging the machine with liquor from the Nib Grinder, allow +/- 8 to 10 hours depending on formula)

Footprint: 36 in. x 36 in. (does not include control panel, space will vary depending on standard vs. optional panel, and whether the panel is wall-mounted or supplied on a stand)

Electrical: CM-10 Chocolate Maker - 230 V, 1 ph, 10 amps, CM-25 Chocolate Maker - 230 V, 3 ph, 30 amps

Materials of Construction: Stainless steel; hardened steel grinding media

  • Touch screen PLC control panel with timer functions, alarms and stored recipe entry

  • Machine control from PC or smartphone

  • Stainless steel control panel stand

Tempering Machine

Self-contained, batch tempering machine to temper warm chocolate from the Chocolate Maker.

  • On-board heating and cooling - no water hookup necessary

  • Variable speed agitator

  • Nylon scraped surface sidewall blades

  • Digital product temperature readout

  • Removable agitator blade for complete vessel cleaning

  • Programmable melt temperature, temper point and reheat point

Capacity: TM-10 Tempering Machine - 10 kgs/ 25 lbs, TM-25 Tempering Machine - 25 kgs/ 50 lbs (allow one hour per patch for tempering cycle)

Electrical: TM-10 Tempering Machine - 230 V, 1 ph, 10 amps, TM-25 Tempering Machine - 230 V, 1 ph, 25 amps

  • Custom discharge nozzles/depositors

  • PLC-controlled cycling between heating/cooling

Cocoa Butter Press

The Cocoa butter Press produces cocoa butter for small batch chocolate applications where the chocolate maker wishes to keep a consistent bean origin between the cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, eliminating the need to add deodorized cocoa butter to the recipe.


  • Air over hydraulic pump operation

  • Target yield of 1.5 pounds of cocoa
    butter per one hour press cycle

  • Heated press pot jacket and press platform

  • Digital timer with pressure regulator

  • Auxiliary pump for removing additional
    cocoa butter from the top of the press pot